electric air heater unit / mobile
STH/TH series

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electric air heater unit / mobile electric air heater unit / mobile - STH/TH series


  • Power source:


  • Mounting:


  • Heating power:

    3,300 W, 5,000 W, 9,000 W, 15,000 W, 22,000 W (11,260.06 BTU/h)

  • Air flow:

    Min.: 400 m³/h (14,125.9 ft³/h)

    Max.: 2,400 m³/h (84,755.2 ft³/h)


The Helios heater range includes product solutions for portable and fixed installation to match many heating and ventilation applications. The use of STH/TH and SH heaters is almost unrestricted and even permitted in humid and wet MOMS.

The advantages of the electric heaters
- Favourable in price.
- Economic operation.
- Easy installation.
- Instantly ready to run.
- Very efficient.
- Odourless and emission-free.
- No connection to a chimney is necessary.

Operating conditions 1. Transitional or additional heating in rooms of every kind e.g. in workshops, stores, offices
2. Ful heating for large rooms which are only used periodi-cally e.g. in assembly rooms, churches gyms, exhibition halls and others.
3. Site heating for room hea-ting as well as space drying.
4. Frost protection heating to prevent freezing temperatu-res in frost sensitive rooms e.g. stores, water utility companies, pump and slide gate valve stations.
5. Drying and condensation prevention of rooms of every kit in commercial and industrial applications.