GNSS antenna-receiver / dual-band / rod / compact
AH-3232 Dual-Band Helical Antenna



  • Network:

    GNSS, dual-band

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, active

  • Applications:

    for UAVs, vehicle

  • Frequency:

    Max.: 1,612 MHz

    Min.: 1,117 MHz


AH-3232 Dual-Band Helical Antenna can be used for vehicle, UAV, portable high-precision measurement, It has wide bandwidth, stable phase center and low noise, support for multifrequency and multisystem,satellite reception. The antenna unit uses eight arm spiral structure, four feeding point technology, Low noise amplifier circuit choose coefficient of low noise amplifier and saw filter , By optimizing the circuit design and matching optimally, the low noise amplifier circuit layout is smaller, more reasonable and more stable,User customization is acceptable.

Key features
1. Multifrequency and multisystem,satellite reception
2. High dynamic ,anti-interference
3. Strong satellite signal acquisition capability
4. Multi-arm spiral design