GNSS antenna-receiver / compact / vehicle
AT–35101H External GNSS Measuring Antenna



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  • Frequency:

    Max.: 1,527 MHz

    Min.: 1,176 MHz


AT – 35101H is a submillimeter level high accuracy GNSS measurement antenna of multifrequency and multisystem, support BDS、GPS、GLONASS and GALILEO satellite reception, It meets the application requirements of high precision and multisystem compatible measuring equipment.

Key features
1) High stability and high precision
Multi-point feed coupling technology is adopted to ensure better stability of phase center and higher accuracy.
2) Better star searching ability
The antenna radiation beam is wide, and the satellite signal with low elevation angle is well received, so as to ensure the normal searching of stars in some places with severe shielding.
3) Pre-filtering technology
The low noise amplifier adopts the Pre-filtering technology, which can effectively suppress the interference signal outside the band and improve the reliability of the system.
4) High quality structure
The appearance design strictly adheres to the IP67 level standard, which provides a guarantee for the antenna to work in the field for a long time.