shearing testing machine / compression / universal / break force



  • Test type:

    shearing, compression, universal, break force, tensile, constant load, bending, tension, tension/compression, force, static load, resistance, endurance

  • Sector:

    for laboratories, for the construction industry

  • Test material:

    concrete, materials, for plastics, for pipes, for rubber, for springs, for cables, for chain, for sheet metal, for plastic pipes, for melt, for building materials, for bars and tubes, for composite materials, for round bars, for cement

  • Other characteristics:

    vertical, static, universal, computer-controlled, automatic, servo-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic


The DI-CP/V2 model, which are part of the PRO series, has been designed to perform tensile, compression, bend/flex and shear testing, with nominal capacities between 1500 and 2000 kN. Tension is always tested using the hydraulic grips, located in lower area, and compression in the upper test area.

In the DI-CP/V2 model the crosshead supporting the piston can be moved electromechanically via ball screws, and thereby vary the space between the grips. This makes the equipment extremely flexible for a wide range of applications.

Each machine includes HoyWin® test control software, and our custom designed electronics. This provides maximum performance and accuracy, through a simple and intuitive interface.

Applications include the testing of metals, cables, fixings, concrete, composites, etc.