force test stand / compression / tension/compression / fatigue
MX2 series



  • Test type:

    force, compression, tension/compression, fatigue, bending, hardness, tensile, tension, quality, peel-off force

  • Test material:

    for rubber, for furniture, for tubes, vehicle, for springs, brake, watch, membrane filter, for containers

  • Other characteristics:

    vertical, digital, for laboratories, for workshops, for automobiles, motorized, for watchmaking, for production, for research and development, for railway applications, for resilience tests, for aeronautical applications


For greater precision and advanced measurement, combine MX2 with a force gauge and attachments to create a force testing machine.

MX2 enables you to perform force measurement precisely, easily, and sophisticatedly.

Achieves greater precision
- You can set test speed digitally, offering constant test speed.
- You can apply force straight to your test sample, uniformizing test angle.

Easy handling due to its user-friendly design
- The equipped monitor indicates measuring conditions including test speed, test cycles, etc. You can set the conditions very easily with its dial, seeing the monitor.
- Good angle of control panel makes it easy to operate.

Handles a wide range of force testing needs
- You can conduct a durability or repeat test using its timer or counter functions.
- You can connect ZTS/ZTA to MX2 via a dedicated cable (CB-518), maximizing the functions such as following;
- Preventing overload
- Controlling operation by a force value
- Improve measurement efficiency

MX2 has useful features and functions more. See the specifications for further information.

- Capacity: 500N - 2500N
- Testing speed: 10 - 300mm/min

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We have confidence to offer the best force testing solution using know-how accumulated over 70 years. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.