Measuring instruments with display

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temperature measuring instrument / air velocity / air / with display
temperature measuring instrument
CTV 110

... from 0 to 30 m/s and from 0 to 50°C. Measuring range from 0 to 30 m/s and from 0 to 50°C Alternating display of air velocity and temperature 0-10 V or 4-20 mA output With or without 10-digits LCD ...

air velocity measuring instrument / temperature / air / with display
air velocity measuring instrument
CTV 210-R

... transmitter with hotwire probe measuring air velocity from 0 to 30 m/s and temperature from 0 to +50°C. Measuring ranges: air velocity: from 0 to 30 m/s Temperature : 0 à +50 °C With or without 2-line ...

temperature measuring instrument / pressure / relative humidity / CO2 concentration
temperature measuring instrument
C 310

Kimo’s C 310 is a multifunction sensor with interchangeable probes. It can display and measure four parameters simultaneously. Two inputs for probes Four visual and audible alarms Two analogue outputs 0-5/10 V or ...

pH measuring instrument / temperature / for food applications / for liquids
pH measuring instrument

... 206-pH1 pH temperature measuring instrument, you can reliably measure the temperature and pH value in liquids (e.g. drinking or heating water) or even in viscoplastic media. The advantages of the pH/temperature ...

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water quality measuring instrument / conductivity / TDS / pH/oxidation-reduction
water quality measuring instrument
HHWT-SD1 series

... Potentials (ORP), pH levels, salt content, the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) rates. They also enable measuring of pH from 0 to 14, ORP from -1999 to 1999 mV, conductivity up to 200 mS (milliSiemens), ...

oxygen concentration measuring instrument / temperature / relative humidity / air quality
oxygen concentration measuring instrument

... concentration, pressure, air temperature and relative humidity with visible and audible alarms. This O2 monitor is an ideal instrument for indoor air quality (IAQ) diagnosis and HVAC system performance verification. The ...

temperature measuring instrument / pressure / relative humidity / flow
temperature measuring instrument

The OMNIPORT 20 series is a handheld meter that is specifically manufactured for accurate measurement of various physical quantities, such as, humidity, temperature, dew point, air velocity, volumetric flow and air pressure. This user-friendly ...

voltage measuring device / electromagnetic field / EMI / current
voltage measuring device

... technology for part of its software, is composed of a smartphone coupled to removable EM field sensors to allow multiple measuring configurations. Applications / Organization • Industry • Spatial • Telecommunications • ...

electromagnetic field measuring device / USB / with display / analog
electromagnetic field measuring device
RWD – 64PC

RWD – 64PC This new EM radiation measurement and display system includes 64 sensors operating between 50 MHz and 3 GHz. Bidirectional communication (USB) is established between all sensors and a pc. This one allows ...

electromagnetic field measuring device / for electromagnetic field mapping / with display / analog
electromagnetic field measuring device
RWD - 400

Radio Waves Display 400 The Luxondes radiofrequency to optical conversion panel directly displays the ambient EM-field or the radiation of a transmitting DUT that is placed in front of it. It comprises ...

force measuring instrument / digital / industrial / for medical applications
force measuring instrument

... daily use products such as pinch, forceps, nippers, pliers, clamps, pincer and tongs • - The scale attached helps easy measuring widths adjustment • - Measurement with simple steps of only mounting a force gauge, and ...

surface profile measuring device / laser / non-contact / for the automotive industry
surface profile measuring device
GapGun Pro2

... results. GapGun Pro2 is a simple upgrade option for existing users. GapGun is the ideal tool for quickly and accurately measuring small gaps and profiles throughout the car... it has saved time and money throughout ...

melting point measuring instrument / optical / digital / electronic
melting point measuring instrument

... . It is an easy-to-use device equipped with an on-screen instruction prompts, and allows temperature control through an LCD display. The unit measures within a range of 25°C to 400°C, with an accuracy ...

melting point measuring instrument / optical / digital / electronic
melting point measuring instrument

... and the integrated fan cooling, fast measurements are possible in any temperature range. The display provides a wellarranged readout of all important measuring data.

earth resistivity measuring instrument / resistance / earth resistance / digital
earth resistivity measuring instrument

... via clamp meter (optional) - Three or four-pole measuring method - 1-Clamp Measurement (optional) - 2-Clamp Measurement (optional) - Rechargeable battery operation (optional) - Digital display - ...

salinity measuring instrument / digital / laboratory / industrial
salinity measuring instrument
130 SSP

The Elcometer 130 Soluble Salt Profiler provides fast and accurate measurement of the level and density of soluble salts - over 4 times faster than other Bresle equivalent methods. The new Elcometer 130 Soluble Salt ...

salinity measuring instrument / digital / laboratory / industrial
salinity measuring instrument
Elcometer 130

... readings graph formats for instant on-screen analysis Reliable Repeatable and reproducible measurements 2 year gauge warranty Supplied with fully traceable Test Certificates Batch & individual ...

flow measuring instrument / volume / water / distance
flow measuring instrument
Ultra 3 Controller

The Ultra 3 by Pulsar Process Measurement is an ultrasonic open channel flow meter which features its reliability in measuring. It comes with a wall, panel, fascia and 19" rack mount. For this specific model, it offers ...

flow measuring instrument / volume / level / ultrasonic
flow measuring instrument
Ultra 5 Controller

The Ultra 5 Controller, manufactured by Pulsar®, is a non-contacting ultrasonic level control and flow that is suited for a wide range of level measurement applications. It can function as a wall, panel, fascia or 19" rack mount, and ...

temperature measuring device / camera / non-contact / portable
temperature measuring device

Product description: 8’’ binocular temperature-measuring face recognition terminal •Adopt off-line face recognition technology to recognize multiple races such as Asian, Caucasian and Black •Support functions such ...

time-of-flight (TOF) measuring instrument / contact ultrasonic / laboratory / compact
time-of-flight (TOF) measuring instrument

... concrete or stone. It performs measurements with direct, indirect and semi direct method. Very compact instrument is provided with display for realtime visualization of the time of fly (T.O.F.) and velocity ...

length measuring instrument / magnetic / for machine tools / digital
length measuring instrument

... this high precision sensor generates an incremental output signal which corresponds to the RS422 standard. These digital length measuring devices are ideal for mounting on multi-axis ...

cable length measuring instrument / mechanical / with display
cable length measuring instrument

• Measurement device for rounded cables with a diameter from 1 to 20mm. (error margin + 1-2 %) • Rubber coated wheel for a greater grip and a better measurement. • Mechanical meter counters with manual reset. • Cable cutter. • ...

cable length measuring instrument / mechanical / with display
cable length measuring instrument

• Measurement device for rounded cables with a diameter from 2 to 30 mm. (error margin + 1-2 %) • Rubber coated metric wheel for a greater grip and a better measurement. • Mechanical counter with manual reset. • Cable cutter. • ...

cable length measuring instrument / mechanical / with display
cable length measuring instrument

• Measurement device with a diameter from 2 to 50 mm (error margin + 1-2 %) • Rubber coated metric wheel for a greater grip and a better measurement. • Mechanical meter counter with manual reset. • Appropriate for cables: steel, ...

resistivity measuring instrument / inductive / with display / transformer
resistivity measuring instrument
TRM 50+

... transformers up to 500 MVA. Winding resistance value of transformer and rotating machine are directly displayed on 5.7” TFT display. TRM 50 is designed to work in live EHV switchyard conditions, ensuring operator’s safety ...

X-ray measuring instrument / electronic / portable / with display
X-ray measuring instrument

... time, mA and mAs are simultaneously measured. Options, such as direct HVL and total filtration measurements and waveform display further enhance the RaySafe Solo experience. With minimal setup time, acquiring your first ...

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roughness measuring instrument / contact / USB / high-precision
roughness measuring instrument

... recorded. ROUGHNESS MEASUREMENT High-precision roughness measurement instrument for universal use in workshops and measuring rooms Automatic calibration Measuring sections ...

temperature measuring instrument / frequency / voltage / current
temperature measuring instrument
M3-7V, M3-7T

Programmable Digital Panel 48 x 24 mm, for measuring: - DC voltage and current. - Shunt. - Potientiometer. - Resistor. - Temperature by PT100. - Thermo-element type B, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T. - ...

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Celsa Messgeräte España S.L.
melting point measuring instrument / educational / benchtop / digital
melting point measuring instrument

... that selects a temperature and measures and displays it digitally which makes it precise and eliminates the use of a thermometer . The SMP10 model shows temperature with a 1° resolution in a 3-digit LED ...

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Stuart Equipment
digital measuring instrument / multifunction / panel-mount / with display
digital measuring instrument
DIRIS A20 series

... software solution, that enables for the analyzation of the information. Also, the device is integrated with a LCD screen, and multiple viewing display.

capacitance measuring instrument / electric / benchtop / with display
capacitance measuring instrument

... the inserted battery with a fi xed stored current down to a defi ned fi nal discharge voltage The two-line, lighted LC display shows the capacity discharged, discharge time, watt seconds and the internal resistance

borehole measuring instrument / depth / digital / with display
borehole measuring instrument

We supply an inclination and depth gauge measuring system for easily setting up the drilling angle and/or optimally aligning the machine – plus extension options. Features (* some of which are optional): Use ...

temperature measuring instrument / moisture / microwave / infrared
temperature measuring instrument
MW 1150

The microwave moisture measurement system is designed as a small compact laboratory instrument that can also easily be used at-line. The display is directly attached to the sensor for ...

temperature measuring instrument / relative humidity / digital / thermocouple
temperature measuring instrument

A 4-parameter measuring instrument designed to provide accurate humidity, dew point and temperature reading results. Equipped with dual display, displaying 2 reading results at the same ...