force test stand / compression / tension/compression / fatigue



  • Test type:

    force, compression, tension/compression, fatigue, bending, hardness, tensile, tension, peel-off force

  • Other characteristics:

    vertical, for laboratories, for workshops, for production, manual


HV-500NII Manual test stand

Combining HV-500NII with a force gauge and attachments, you can create a simple testing machine to meet your testing needs, which offers a significant advantage over handheld use in precision.

It has a long stroke, therefore, it is ideal for testing extensible or large test samples.

- Capacity: 500N
- Feed amount: 2mm/turn
- Operated by a handle

Other choices
- If you achieve higher accuracy, we recommend a motorized test stand, MX2-500N.
- If you need higher capacity of handle type test stand, we recommend HV-1000N or 3000N.
If your test sample is small and you need force less than 50N, we recommend desk top type, KV-50N
- We also offer horizontal type, SH-1000N, which enables you to set sample more easily.
- And more

We have confidence to offer the best force testing solution using know-how accumulated over 70 years.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.
-I need to do force measurement, but no idea how to do it.
-Which test stand should I choose?
-Which force gauge and attachment should I use?
-I have not decided whether to buy or not, but I would like to know the price.