cooling filtration unit / belt / for liquids



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    for liquids

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Typical applications for the system include waxes, paraffins, sulfur, phenolic resins, epoxy resins, heat-melt adhesives, PVC stabilizers, bitumens, catalysts, additives, fatty acids, fertilizers, fine chemicals etc. countable.

The process of producing the pastille product is carried out by a system which continuously separates the molten products into droplets places them on a moving stainless steel band. Stainless steel band is normally cooled by water from the bottom and in some applications by air from the top. Thus, solidification occurs during transport, so that the product can be taken from the band as a solidified droplet or pastille at the points where the stainless steel band is bent.

Isımsan designs pastille production systems for various uses. The machines are suitable for a wide range of viscosities at high temperatures. The standard dimensions of the pastille production systems are between 600 and 1.500 mm and the axis distance is between 6-12-16 m.