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concentration analyzer / automatic / calibration
BioMajesty™ ZERO series JCA-ZS050



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    automatic, calibration



Carryover avoidance mechanism is ready for various sample types. Flexible-Access technology and 3 wash modes boosts throughput and assures high-quality analysis.

Micro-volume Technology
The unique dilution mechanism, the strong tradition of BioMajesty™ series, bolstered by the state-of-the-art technologies; The chemistry analyzer contributes to advanced quality healthcare by delivering "more data from the single droplet" to the scene of medical practice.

Innovative Operation
Innovative 4 Samplers with advanced user interface bring distinguished operability, further accelerating the throughput of your laboratory.

Reagent can be refilled or replaced without cancelling the operation. Selectable of running re-calibration and QC sample measurement after resuming from the pause.
Reagent Bottle Switching
A calibration curve can be created per reagent pair with quick access to each control data.
ISE PAUSE Function
ISE reagent can be replaced while running time-critical ISE tests. Once ISE reagents are replaced, measurement quickly resumes after priming.
Automatic Reagent Blank Measurement
Reagent blank measurement can be configured to run automatically at system startup. It requires no manual intervention such as setting saline for the blank measurement.
Active Trace Feature
Information vital to data analysis is promptly accessible from on-screen test results. Reaction Process Data Check Assistance Tool captures abnormalities in real-time.