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395xx series

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fixture key fixture key - 395xx series


Multi-Slot Sine Fixture Keys
One key fits multiple table slots! Sine Fixture Keys locate jig and fixtures on machine tool tables and position the part to be machined in one operation.They eliminate the need to slot fixture bases, make step fixture keys, or drill and tap keys. All you need to do is ream two 5/8" or 3/4" holes, depending upon the table size. The wide range of Sine Fixture Key sizes adapts to the various table slot widths. Sine Fixture Keys with a metric slot size and inch shank size are now available. The tapered expansion screw allows the key to be locked in the fixture from either the top or the bottom by using a standard 3/32 or 4mm hex wrench.
One key fits multiple table slots
Material: AISI 4140 Alloy Steel
Heat Treat: Through Hardened to Rc 26-30
Reduce fixture costs
Cut set-up time
Interchangeable with other Sine Fixture Keys
Replacement screw for all sine fixture keys is PN 710190