analog telephone / IP / PoE / Ethernet



  • Network:

    analog, IP, PoE, Ethernet, LAN, WAN

  • Protection class:

    IK10, IP54

  • Applications:

    for railway applications, for marine applications, roadside, industrial, retail banking, taxi station

  • Other characteristics:

    auto dial, emergency, weather-resistant, vandal-proof, wall-mounted, waterproof, intrinsically safe, for harsh environments, rugged, outdoor, paging, dust-proof, corrosion-resistant, flush-mount

  • Sound level:

    80 dB


Scope Of Application

1.Self-service banking, railway stations, docks, airports, scenic spots, squares, shopping malls, residential property, municipal engineering, regulatory complaints, convenience services, hospitals, vehicle and other emergency accommodation.

2.Widely used in the place of requiring Moisture proof, fire prevention, anti-noise, dust proof, antifreeze.

Product Features

1. The phone can be set with auto dialing when off hook or speed dial(4 numbers can be programmed from F1 to F4).

2. Telephone circuits within the integrated circuit using internationally accepted double-sided, with hair the exact number, call clarity, job stability, etc.

3. High strength cold rolled steel housing, imported high-grade powder paint cover, high-temperature baking, bright colors and wear corrosion resistance.

4. key parts of the handset and the hooks are both produced by our own company; Quality control strictly; fast after-sale reaction .

Phone front surface can be customized content, such as operating Instructions, company name, etc.