analog telephone / VoIP / PoE / Ethernet



  • Network:

    analog, VoIP, PoE, Ethernet, LAN, WAN

  • Protection class:

    IP67, IK10

  • Applications:

    for railway applications, for tunnels, roadside, for marine applications, industrial, for underground mining, retail banking, taxi station

  • Other characteristics:

    auto dial, emergency, weather-resistant, paging, dust-proof, vandal-proof, wall-mounted, waterproof, stainless steel, rugged, outdoor, explosion-proof, with protection door, intrinsically safe

  • Sound level:

    100 dB


Scope Of Application

Widely used in the place of water proof, moisture proof, fire proof, anti-noise, dust proof, antifreeze, such as subway, highways, power plants, gas stations, docks, steel companies, etc.

Product Features

1. Direct access to Ethernet, cross-network segment and cross-route, optical fiber transmission.
2. Dial the number keys, call any terminal, and realize full-duplex intercom.
3. Calling for regional broadcasts allowed by permission.
4. Patented design of the phone case, waterproof, dustproof, no need for waterproof cover, beautiful and practical.
5. The circuit inside the telephone adopts the international universal double-sided integrated circuit, which has the precise number and the call..
7. Aluminum alloy die-cast housing, stainless steel keyboard, explosion-proof PC receiver, zinc alloy fork.
8. 30w*4 output high quality amplifier amplification, with warning lights, clear sound and bright.
9. Automatic answering function, warning light, paging broadcast.

10.Hotline number can be set, and the machine can realize automatic dialing.

11.Sound amplification, the volume of the earpiece can be adjusted through the keyboard.

12.High temperature electrostatic spray on the surface of the shell, good antistatic ability and corrosion resistance.

13.Key parts of the handset, the hook, the keyboard are produced by our own company; strict quality control and fast after sale reaction.