explosion-proof telephone / analog / IP / PoE



  • Network:

    analog, IP, PoE, WAN

  • Protection class:

    IP65, IK10

  • Applications:

    for railway applications, for tunnels, roadside, for marine applications, industrial, for underground mining

  • Other characteristics:

    vandal-proof, emergency, weather-resistant, wall-mounted, waterproof, explosion-proof, intrinsically safe, auto dial, for harsh environments, with protection door, rugged, outdoor, corrosion-resistant, flush-mount, paging, with loudspeaker


Scope Of Application

1. Suitable for explosive gas atmospheres Zone 1 and Zone 2.

2. Suitable for IIA, IIB explosive atmosphere.

3. Suitable for dust Zone 20, Zone 21 and Zone 22.

4. Suitable for temperature class T1 ~ T6.

5. Widely used in oil exploration, chemical, military, pharmaceutical, oil refining and other hazardous environments and depots, offshore oil platform, oil tankers and other places.

Product Features

1.The phone can form an independent telephone communication system with couplers and program-controlled switches.

2.The phone can be connected directly to the telecommunications network.

3. After the composition of the call system, each phone is an independent station. The malfunction of any phone doesn’t affect the whole system work.

4. After the composition of the call system, the product has an automatic gain function, and the voice does not vary with distance or telephone quantity.

5.Patented designed telephone housing with waterproof and dust-proof function; waterproof cover, beautiful and practical.

6.Telephone circuits within the integrated circuit using internationally accepted double-sided, with hair the exact number, call clarity, job stability, etc.