desktop keyboard / with mechanical keys / 108-key / with touchpad



  • Mounting:


  • Key type:

    with mechanical keys

  • Number of keys:


  • Pointing device:

    with touchpad, with mouse

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, short-travel, membrane, with numeric keypad, rugged, integrated, waterproof, USB, PS2, IP66

  • Material:

    brushed stainless steel

  • Protection level:

    waterproof, rugged, heavy-duty, antibacterial, oil-resistant, chemical-resistant, IP66

  • Domain:

    industrial, outdoor, for clean rooms, for medical applications


108 keys compact format IP66 rated membrane industrial keyboard with full keyboard functionalities with integrated numeric keypad and function keys on the upper line, IP65 dynamic sealed and ruggedized tough touchpad for fast and accurate cursor position, totally sealed and ruggedized industrial PCB with super quality OMRON switch technology with short stroke 0.45mm with extremely good tactile feeling for reliable data input, with red FN + CLEAN combination key for easy cleaning via lock/disable the entire keyboard without needing to take the keyboard from PC, surface mounted extremely flush with anti-microbial functionalities, the fonts printed on the film underneath will never fade, durable and scratch-proof polyester withstand to most chemicals and liquids under the harshest environments, ruggedized and backed with 2.0mm aluminum plate with sand blasting & oxygenation treatment, VESA mountable desk top version with robust ABS polycarbonate case.
DIMENSIONS: 396.0mm x 150.0mm x (12.0mm - 27.0mm) (L x W x H)
This keyboard is ideal for use in environments ranging from manufacturing to material handling to medical settings. Its numeric pad allows for easy data entry.
lab, hospital, clinic, dental, such as carts, diagnostic equipments, operation rooms, dialysis centers etc;
MATERIAL HANDLING: mobile keyboard, data entry, assembly line etc
MILITARY: Army, Navy, Air force
INDUSTRIAL: Industrial automation, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, food and beverage, clean or dirty manufacturing environments, warehouses etc

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Industrial Membrane Keyboard