vertical bagging machine / VFFS / weight / for the food industry
M-420 Bagger with Weighing Scale and Z-Bucket Elevator



  • Type:


  • Technology:

    VFFS, weight

  • Applications:

    for the food industry, for granulates, for solids

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, with multi-head weigher

  • Throughput:

    40 p/min

    Max.: 50 p/min

    Min.: 1 p/min


The M-series is an intermittent vertical bagger for snacks, cereal, coffee, tea, rice, nuts, candy, granular, liquid and powder products in a pillow or gusseted bag. It can be integrated with various fillers to fulfil different packaging purposes, ranging from multi-head combination weighers, volumetric cup filler, volumetric piston filler, to auger filler.

* OMRON CP1 PLC control system.
* 7-inch OMRON colour touch-screen HMI.
* Multi-lingual operator interface with 32 product recipe.
* SCHNEIDER LEXIUM servo film drive down system.
* PANASONIC LX all colour photo-sensor for registered mark.
* OMRON E5 digital P.I.D. temperature controller with independent control for each jaw.
* OMRON E6B2 encoder for film length control.
* German SICK sensor for safety door and proximity.
* Brass made sealing jaws with Teflon coating.
* Angled incline film unwind system.
* Tool-Free quick change forming collar.