blinking beacon / strobe / xenon / 115VAC
EVA50SS, EVC50SS series



  • Type:

    strobe, blinking

  • Technology:


  • Voltage level:

    24VDC, 48VDC, 110VDC, 230VAC, 24VAC, 115VAC, 12VAC, 110VAC, 48VAC, 220VAC

  • Other characteristics:

    explosion-proof, rugged, for vehicles, weather-resistant, ATEX, wall-mounted, caged, IP66


Features:Lighting fixtures with long-life xenon bulb, are ideal for chimneys, towers, smokestacks, bell towers, buildings, cranes, bridges, radio/
television masts, cable car and power line pylons, wind turbines, radar and telecommunication antennas and specifically for use in the
petrochemical and oil industries.
INERIS certificate, low consumption and high performance. Neoprene O-RING gasket for waterproof protection IP66.
Connection Direct to lamp holder L, N, Pe. Max section 4mm2.
: Body STAINLESS STEEL 316, stainless steel hardware, Shock and temperature resistant borosilicate glass sealed with aluminium shade
ring, stainless steel guard (on request).