laboratory density meter / digital / for liquids / with display
DS7700/DS7800 Set 1/ Set 2



  • Options:

    for laboratories, digital, for liquids, with display, for the sugar industry, insertion for liquids, measuring device

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For manual sample delivery via syringe, we offer two different density meter sets: For low sample volumes and high viscosity samples, we recommend Set 1 and for highly viscous and aggressive samples Set 2. While the sample is added, you can check for air bubbles by looking through the inspection glass. A suitable medium is injected for the cleaning until all sample residues have been dissolved and removed. The drying unit will then remove all liquid residues.

• Sample supply and cleaning via syringe
• Intuitive operation via touch-screen display
• Easy, menu-driven adjustment
• Pre-defined scales such as density, relative density, brix, alcohol and sulfuric acid
• Unlimited number of methods
• Inteligent unser administration
• Complete documentation of measured values (including audit trail)
• Flexible data export
• Compliance with global standards