digital fluxmeter / for electromagnetic fields

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digital fluxmeter / for electromagnetic fields digital fluxmeter / for electromagnetic fields - D-FLUX


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    digital, for electromagnetic fields


Laboratorio Elettrofisico’s digital fluxmeter utilizes sense coil technology to measure average flux density and total flux. Our precision fluxmeters arrive ready for typical use and do not need any initial adjustments or settings. There are additional options, which you can set to further customize your measurement process — pairing with Helmholtz coils being one of the most widely used solutions. Ask an LE expert for all the details.

Key benefits

Fast analogue integration and digital signal elaboration
High stability and automatic drift control
Get the best resolution and accuracy with 7 setting ranges
Easy-to-use menu
Direct reading in volt-seconds, webers, maxwells
Both corrected and uncorrected analogue output
High input resistance
Customizable with a wide variety of measuring coils


Magnetic field measurement
Measure properties of soft and hard magnetic materials
Quality control of magnetic devices, including holders, motors, loudspeakers
Direct in-line control of the magnetic systems after magnetization and calibration (treating)
Used in BH tracer for DC and AC materials characterization