coal analyzer / biomass / for ashes / ash fusibility
AF700 | ASTM D1857 | ISO 540 | DIN 51730



  • Measured entity:

    coal, biomass, for ashes

  • Measured value:

    ash fusibility

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, high-temperature, laboratory


The AF700 Ash Fusion Determinator is used for automatic monitoring of ash cone deformation, temperatures in coal ash, coke ash, biomass ash and mold powders. The device helps in increasing laboratory throughput by means of a predefined ash fusibility temperatures such as IT, ST, HT, and FT. Such predefined temperatures will be automatically determined by softwares like Image Recognition Functions or IRF.

The AF700 Ash Fusion Determinator can also digitally archive complete image history of all the samples that were analyzed. Such archives can be retrieved in order to make objective determinations of the deformation temperatures. The ash fusibility of a substance is an important factor to determine its suitability for various industrial applications. The device comes with a built in CO monitor for increased laboratory safety. It also comes with various pre loaded test methods.