control foot switch / electric / single pedal
KG - KR series



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    single pedal


The KG and KR foot switches are used to control machinery
and other equipment, leaving the operators hands free to do
other functions. The sturdiness of the metal and plastic body
and the wide range of the available versions provide the
proper solution for each control need.
Main features are:
Thermoplastic or metal version
The plastic or metal body gives adequate robustness to
the foot switch, for installation in all ambient and
application conditions.
Versions complete with or without pedal protection cover
The cover assures protection against accidental foot
switch operation, due to sudden tool or heavy material
dropping or other shock or vibration. The type without
cover, open version, is instead immediately accessible and
is preferred when the most important pedal operation is
to stop a machine.
Versions with safety lever
The safety mechanism prevents unintentional foot switch
activation and excludes the pedal pressing if the
operators foot is not completely in place.
Stable pedal base
The foot switch is equipped with rubber feet and metalreinforced
base for a firm and non-sliding position and a
more reliable and safe activation.