wind speed indicator / LED / panel-mount / for cranes



  • Measured value:

    wind speed

  • Display:


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for cranes, multi-sensor



If you work in an environment where gas may be present and you need a product that is corrosion resistant, then the GS820 stainless steel display is a rock solid solution for your application.
Users now have the choice of buying our aluminum housed display or our new stainless steel display with standard CSA certification.

The GS820 Display combines the ability to monitor a wide range of sensors, the capability of
adding load charts to the system and a built in data logger for logging critical information.

Users can monitor any combination of the following sensors and data: load, boom angle, list/trim angle,
out of level angle, boom length, radius, anti-two-block, wind speed and load charts. The GS820 Display has the flexibility to be able to add whichever sensors you need. For example, you can buy the system today as a wind speed indicator, and next month you can add load cells, angle and load charts. A 5" diagonal viewing area offers users an uncluttered view of key sensor data.

All communication between LSI sensors and the GS820 display is wireless. This eliminates cables, costly installation charges and expensive and time-consuming troubleshooting of cable breaks, junction boxes etc. Our product is plug and play, ready to operate quickly and easily. If there is a sensor failure, the system tells the operator which part has an issue. 99% of the time the operator can resolve the problem, eliminating the need to have an onsite technician.