2-electrode conductivity sensor / for clean water / pure water
CMC15, CMC24, CMC25



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    for clean water, pure water


High quality robust industrial sensors
IP66 quick release connector simplifies installation and maintenance
0.5″ BSP or triclamp process connection
FDA approved wetted materials

Conductivity is an extremely sensitive measurement of the levels of dissolved materials in water. The CMC15, CMC24 & CMC25 cells in conjunction with an analyser are able to detect levels as low as 1ppb concentration. The construction of the cells ensures that they are ideally suited for industrial measurement of pure and ultra pure water while particular attention in the design has been made to eliminate traps where contaminated water may collect.

The use of specially treated high-grade Stainless Steel electrodes ensures that the cells do not require initial periodic calibration. Cable connection is made via an IP66 plug that simplifies installation and maintenance. Temperature effects on the measurement of pure water are large and non-linear. The LTH range of cells incorporate a precision PT1000 temperature element whose position in the cells is critical to the overall measurement accuracy. A 0.5°C temperature difference between the element and the solution could introduce an error in excess of 5%.