aluminum milling machining / for railway / automotive / for aeronautics



  • Treated material:


  • Applications:

    automotive, for aeronautics, for the energy sector, for railway

  • Production method:

    small series, medium series

  • Other characteristics:

    CNC, 3-axis, 6-axis

  • Certifications:

    EN 9100, EN 3834, ISO 9001, ISO 9100


Mecaplus has developed expertise and know-how in many areas:

Production of components and sub-assemblies for gas turbines combustion line,
Machining of complex 5-axis parts (impellers, compressor wheels, blades, ...),
Production of complex parts in small and medium production runs, made from superalloys (nickel and cobalt base), titanium, aluminum or stainless steels.
Ready for the most accurate quality requirements, we are ISO 9001 and AS/EN 9100.

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