MIG-MAG welding carriage / plasma / automatic



  • Technique:

    MIG-MAG, plasma

  • Operating mode:



The fully automated cutting and welding of longitudinal seams in many industries today is a prerequisite for efficient production processes. However, often work pieces are processed in locations where stationary welding and cutting technology is not feasible, and the investment in fully automated systems is unrealistic due to lack of production numbers and therefore slow investment return times.

Merkle has addressed this industry deficiency with the mobile welding and cutting carriage WCM, allowing the efficient automatic processing of long H-profi le beams, plates, longitudinal seams or overlaps.

The mobile WCM is, due to the comparatively low investmentcosts, ideally suited for small series production, and thanks to its compact dimensions perfectly suitable for components upwards of 1 m in length.

The flexible and robust carriage is used for MIG/MAG and TIG and is also ideal for cutting work, such as plasma oroxy-acetylene. The Merkle WCM can be equipped with the appropriate torches, depending on the type of welding or cutting jobs being performed.