rotary ring stretch wrapper / automatic / pallet / stretch film



  • Type:

    rotary ring

  • Operating mode:


  • Product applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    stretch film


The mechanical synchronization of the pre-stretch - designed to be uniform and harmonious even with a little amount of film - fits precisely and consistently to the package sizes. Designed to ensure zero sliding contacts, zero transmission belts, zero buffer batteries, zero energy on board. Simplicity of operation and maintenance - it resets the extraordinary maintenance and minimizes the ordinary one; impossible downtime for a time greater than 10 minutes.

Jolly maximizes the functionality, safety and cost/benefit ratio, lowers energy costs with a single drive motor, promotes the performances of the operations together with the operator safety, enhances the quality, speed and precision of the packaging.

Jolly is a product conceived and developed by the Department R & D of Messersì Packaging.