ion chromatograph / laboratory / UV/VIS
930 Compact IC Flex



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The 930 Compact IC Flex by Metrohm is entirely modular by design and has a compact ion chromatograph in order to meet the requirements of contract laboratories and QC laboratories in all kinds of industries including the public sector laboratories.

It is flexible, easy-to-use and has an excellent reliability which are the key features for routine analysis. This works easily by just a few clicks which is design to a custom system and have a wide variety of options for the customer's analytical needs.

You have the ability to select a comprehensive range of components to configure the custom solution in particular analytical requirements with the help of a new online configurator. It includes sequential, chemical or no suppression applications and has Inline Dilution, Inline Ultra-filtration, Inline Dialysis automation. Installation of these systems can be done easily with the help of the segregation columns of any type of base material.

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