chain conveyor / construction / for bulk materials / enclosed
En-Masse Converyors and Elevators



  • Technology:


  • Sector:


  • Product transported:

    for bulk materials

  • Other characteristics:

    enclosed, vertical, horizontal, feeding, discharge


Totally enclosed, dust-tight casings.
Available in open and closed circuit design configurations.
Multiple inlets and outlets; allows feeding and discharging at intermediate locations.
Long-wearing construction materials suitable to application.
Self-feeding capabilities

No spillage, compaction or fugitive dust
Product purity is well protected
Gentle handling minimizes product degradation
Minimal space requirements; as well as support steel and erection costs.
Low maintenance; slow component wear promotes scheduling maintenance months in advance.
A single conveyor can replace several conventional units.

How it works
Material moves in a solid placid column inside the enclosure along with the conveying chain. Materials move en-masse, riding on other material, reducing degradation. The casing supports the material column allowing the material to change direction through the bend sections.

Applications: Conveying and elevating granular material and powders to or from silos, where dust tight conveying is required.
Industries: Minerals, powders, coal, chemicals, aluminum, food handling, biomasse