Counterbalanced forklift EDiA XL FB40-55(C)N(H) series

counterbalanced forklift
counterbalanced forklift
counterbalanced forklift
counterbalanced forklift
counterbalanced forklift
counterbalanced forklift
counterbalanced forklift
counterbalanced forklift
counterbalanced forklift
counterbalanced forklift
counterbalanced forklift
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Motor type
handling, precision
Other characteristics
4-wheel, counterbalanced, low-noise
Carrying capacity

4,000 kg, 4,500 kg, 4,990 kg, 5,000 kg, 5,500 kg
(8,818.5 lb, 9,920.8 lb, 11,001.1 lb, 11,023.1 lb, 12,125.4 lb)

Lifting height

3,300 mm
(129.92 in)

Overall width

1,370 mm, 1,450 mm
(53.9 in, 57.1 in)

Overall length

4,025 mm, 4,170 mm, 4,190 mm
(158.5 in, 164.2 in, 165 in)

Load center distance

500 mm, 600 mm
(19.7 in, 23.6 in)

Weight without load

Min.: 7,290 kg
(16,071.7 lb)

Max.: 8,711 kg
(19,204.5 lb)

Axle loading with maximum load front

Min.: 10,040 kg
(22,134.4 lb)

Max.: 12,000 kg
(26,455.5 lb)

Axle loading with maximum load rear

Min.: 1,250 kg
(2,755.8 lb)

Max.: 1,784 kg
(3,933 lb)

Axle loading without load front

Min.: 3,902 kg
(8,602.4 lb)

Max.: 4,246 kg
(9,360.8 lb)

Axle loading without load rear

Min.: 3,388 kg
(7,469.3 lb)

Max.: 4,465 kg
(9,843.6 lb)

Track width front

1,143 mm, 1,154 mm
(45 in, 45.4 in)

Track width rear

1,169 mm
(46 in)

Height of mast when lowered

2,420 mm
(95.3 in)

Free lift

150 mm, 160 mm
(5.9 in, 6.3 in)

Overall height with mast raised

4,205 mm, 4,345 mm
(165.6 in, 171.1 in)

Height to top of overhead guard

2,340 mm
(92.1 in)

Seat height

1,320 mm
(52 in)

Tow couplig height

675 mm
(26.6 in)

Length to fork face

2,825 mm, 2,990 mm
(111.2 in, 117.7 in)

Fork carriage width

1,190 mm
(46.9 in)

Ground clearance under mast with load

150 mm
(5.9 in)

Ground clearance at center of wheelbase with load

150 mm
(5.9 in)

Turning circle radius

2,289 mm, 2,434 mm
(90.1 in, 95.8 in)

Minimum distance between centres of rotation

49 mm
(1.9 in)

Travel speed

18 km/h, 20 km/h
(11.2 mph, 12.4 mph)

Lifting speed

0.3 m/s, 0.4 m/s, 0.5 m/s
(1 ft/s, 1.3 ft/s, 1.6 ft/s)

Lowering speed

0.5 m/s
(1.6 ft/s)

Rated drawbar pull

Min.: 16,000 N

Max.: 18,000 N


Min.: 13 %

Max.: 23 %

Rated output

16 kW
(21.8 hp)

Maximum operating pressure

210 bar
(3,045.8 psi)

Oil flow

45 l/min
(11.9 us gal/min)

Noise level

65 dB


The EDiA XL benefits from revolutionary features designed to give operators greater control than ever before. Electric differential lock provides optimum traction, and Four Wheel Steering ensures better grip and precision handling. EDiA XL is also equipped with AutoBoost for extra speed and power when you need it most. It is well known that if an operator is comfortable they will be more productive. EDiA XL features a rubber-sealed cabin that minimises microvibrations, and the Low Noise Lift is the quietest on the market at only 65 dB. EDiA XL also includes AC and heater options, so temperatures can be adjusted to suit the operator. These features combine to create a stress-free environment where the operator can focus on the task at hand. For optimal handling, EDiA XL has dual joysticks that offer simultaneous lift and tilt functions, as well as Adaptive Lift Control (ALC) for added stability and little chassis movement when lowering loads. EDiA XL has the power and performance to complete any task and overcome every challenge - making it the best alternative to an IC truck. EDiA XL is even proven to have the most efficient energy consumption in its class. So you keep going for longer, with zero emissions. Mini steering wheel The mini steering wheel minimises the effort required to operate the truck as it supports a more relaxed driving position, ensuring the operator stays comfortable and in control throughout long shifts. (Option) Passive Sway Control Mast sway movements are dampened by the chassis, enabling operators to lift confidently to high heights.


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