length measuring instrument / force / laser / high-precision



  • Measured value:

    length, force

  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-precision, benchtop


Optimal for measuring an easy-to-deform workpiece and high-precision part owing to low- constant measuring force of 0.0 IN.
Resolution: 0.01/0.1/1.Oum, Accuracy: lum 50mm For detailed information, refer to the leaflet No. E13006

Providing low and constant measuring force for high-accuracy inspection of delicate workpieces


•Patent registered (Japan). Patent perding (Japan)
Ideal for measuring the thickness or height of a workpiece that can be easily affected by the measuring force
•With a measuring force of only 0.01 N, the Litematic is ideal for measuring easily deformed workpieces or high-accuracy components.
•For workpieces for which 0.01 N is insufficient, either the 0.15N or IN model is recommended.
•The spindle is motor-driven and stops when the contact point touches the workpiece. From then on, the maximum, minimum, or difference value can be measured
using a constant measuring force.
High-accuracy measurement
• High resolution down to 0.01pm and a wide 50mm measurement range. The use of a low thermal-expansion material for the spindle and ceramic for the measuring table minimizes the effect of temperature variation during use. The unit is rust-free, simplifying maintenance and management.

Constant measuring force principle
An unbalanced, parallel-link structure enables the Utematic to offer a low and constant measuring force.
The Lrtematic's measuring force is not presided by a spring but comes from a structure resembling a balance sca'e. We cal this a 'para'Jel linkage.' A motorized ¿der carrying the linked spindle maes down is guideway while the linkage is supported on a cop.

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