rotary table with stepper motor / horizontal / worm gear
MDT 36012-HP-I45-AK



  • Operation:

    with stepper motor

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    worm gear


Motor rotary table coaxial drive without motor MDT36012-HP-I45-AK-B
SKU: MDT36012-HP-i45-AK-B

gear ratio: 45:1
efficiency: 0,60
backlash: < 0,1°
radial clearance: < 0,02mm
perm. output torque M1: 3Nm, depended on the motor
perm. tilting moment M2: 3Nm
maximum input rotation: 600 U/min
suitable for addition of a standard step motor (Nema 17, □42mm)


the motor rotary table will be positioned with a NEMA 17 ( □42mm) step motor
needed input torque: 0,15Nm
maximum input rotation: 600 U/min
maximum duty cycle: 100%

case and rotary disk are made of anodised aluminium
hollow shaft is made of stainless steel with huge through bore
low backlash worm gear
torsional stiffness claw coupling for vibration-reducing torque transmission
position request via proximity switch possible
rotatable positioning ring for freely adjustable position request towards the workpiece position
This chart discribes the stiffness of the motor rotary table around the rotary axis.
The deflection is independed of the torque M1(maximum 3 Nm) around the rotary axis.

The backlash is considered independed of the deflection.
If the torque always acts to the same direction, than the deflection will need to consider.

In case of alternating strain the deflection and backlash must be added.