rotary table with stepper motor / horizontal / vertical / laboratory



  • Operation:

    with stepper motor

  • Configuration:

    horizontal, vertical

  • Applications:

    metering, marking, laboratory

  • Other characteristics:

    rotating, compact, small, universal

  • Diameter:

    80 mm (3 in)


Motor rotary table coaxial drive with motor MDT36012-AK-M
SKU: MDT36012-AK-M

gear ratio: 55:1
backlash: < 0,1°
radial clearance: < 0,02mm
perm. output torque M1: 3Nm
perm. tilting moment M2: 3Nm
maximum input rotation: 600 U/min
with standard step motor (Nema 17, □42mm)


the motor rotary table will be positioned with a NEMA 17 ( □42mm) step motor
needed input torque: 0,15Nm
maximum input rotation: 600 U/min
maximum duty cycle: 100%

case and rotary disk are made of anodised aluminium
hollow shaft is made of stainless steel with huge through bore
low backlash worm gear
torsional stiffness claw coupling for vibration-reducing torque transmission
position request via proximity switch possible
rotatable positioning ring for freely adjustable position request towards the workpiece position
addition of a standard step motor (Nema17, □42mm)