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screw-in fitting / Y / pneumatic / stainless steel



  • Attachment:


  • Configuration:


  • Applications:


  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Diameter:

    Min.: 40 mm

    Max.: 150 mm


Morsello Inox's Garolla fittings are constructed from stainless steel AIS 304 TIG welded pipes. These pipes went through cold forging, turning and TIG welding process. Through these processes, the fittings feature a standard, solid, and high quality finish.

Morsello offers a variety of sizes that shall fit the consumer's need. The sizes available are 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100, 120 and 150.

A variety of fittings are also available. The units may include fittings like rubber hose adapters, elbows, tees, Y unions, butt weld and threaded fittings.

Reducers and unions to couple Garolla fittings to DIN, gas, oenological, tri-clover and other accessories can also be manufactured by Morsello to meet the client's requirement.