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semi-automatic hood machine / shrink film / package / for loads



  • Operating mode:


  • Type of film:

    shrink film

  • Product applications:

    package, for finished goods, for loads


The MSK Lightech allows for semi-automatic film shrinkage with ease of operation and excellent packaging results. The system is delivered with a pallet settling place and a shrink frame. After the film hood has been applied over the pallet load, it is "shrunk down to size" with a short hot air heating process.
Operating the MSK Lightech
Only three steps to a perfect packaging:

- Positioning of the pallet onto the shrink place
- Manual application of the film hood
- Automatic shrinking process at the touch of a button

- High flexibility
- Simple operation
- Capacity of up to 20 pallet units per hour
- Low shrinkage temperatures mean a hot air system without open flames
- Maintenance-free MSK heating elements with a 5 year warranty
- Operating with natural gas or propane