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shrink film hood machine / automatic / for building materials / for paper



  • Operating mode:


  • Type of film:

    shrink film

  • Product applications:

    for building materials, beverage, for chemicals, for glass bottles, for glass containers, for paper, for paper rolls

  • Other characteristics:



- Compact design - Small footprint
- Use of the thinnest films with contactless hooding
- Easy maintenance due to lowerable machine head
- Maintenance-free time belt technology
- Very low energy consumption

The shrink wrap machine MSK Multitech is a hood applicator that flexibly adjusts to changing products and processes. With its compact design, the packaging system processes up to four film formats or thicknesses entirely automatically. The applicator’s flexibility means that it will adapt to any opening dimensions.

The machine head of the MSK Multitech can be lowered to working level. Maintenance can be carried out very easily and without ladders or a platform.