pulse generator / signal / frequency / voltage



  • Type:

    pulse, signal, frequency, voltage, noise, field, charging, wind turbine

  • Other characteristics:

    2-channel, digital, programmable, compact, direct digital synthesis sweep, sweep, portable, low-distortion, stand-alone, low-noise, multi-function

  • Applications:

    for telecom applications, for EMI/EMC testing, laboratory, for hydroelectric installations, R&D, for military applications, for medical applications


The 1510A Precision Signal Source is a low-noise signal generator. It uses a dual channel Direct Digital Synthesis which provides highly accurate signals at a broad range of amplitude and frequency. It is designed to be compact and portable. The generator has signals of voltage and charge to allow simulation of various transducers and sensors. It has multi-wave shapes, adjustable frequency and 40 memory locations, making it applicable in all testing and calibrating needs. The low voltage bridge mode of the generator produces 5-100,000 µV.