linear displacement sensor / non-contact / CMOS laser / laser triangulation
Microtrak 3



  • Type:


  • Contact / non-contact:


  • Technology:

    CMOS laser, laser triangulation

  • Output signal:

    analog, digital

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, high-resolution, high-speed

  • Applications:

    for process automation

  • Measuring range:

    Min.: 2 mm (0.079 in)

    Max.: 200 mm (7.874 in)

  • Measuring rate:

    20 kHz


Compact laser triangulation sensor head for easy integration to machine control system

High resolution, high speed laser displacement sensor (non-contact linear displacement sensor) utilizes the latest CMOS sensor technology that challenges even the most difficult measurement applications. The Microtrak™ 3 is an essential measurement tool for process automation, quality control and tool automation control, for applications such as, thickness measurement, dimensional displacement, part profiling, vibrations testing, build-up measurement, and much more.


Measurement rate of up to 40,000/ sec.
Latest CMOS sensor technology – Superior linearity over competitors
Accurate and repeatable measurements from highly reflective to dull surfaces
Specular and Glass Models available
Configuration/DAQ software, DLL, and available Labview drivers provide ultimate flexibility in data collection and processing
Auto gain circuitry – Automatically determines and adjusts the ideal laser power needed for different types of surfaces
Programmable Cut-time feature – The bridging function ignores hole and cut-outs on objects for in process gap control and measurement
No controller Needed – Built-in 5-color position indicator determines nominal laser gap setting and distance placement without the need for a controller
Dual output – Analog and digital (RS-485 and USB)
Bundled with Microtrak 3 Basic Support Software – Use your PC to monitor the gap in real time and control setup parameters
Data export – Acquired data can be stored in widely supported (.csv) format
Software Compatible with Windows® XP, Vista, Windows® 7 and Windows® 8