braided fiberglass packing / for heat insulation
diameter 5mm-50mm



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    for heat insulation


The Texturized fiberglass braided round rope is braided from texturized fibre glass yarn, provides an efficient method of insulating pipework and is suitable for a variety of high temperature sealing and caulking applications, forming into insulation rings employed on industrial and domestic heating appliances.

Texturized fiberglass braided round rope Description:
The fiberglass rope is made of continuous filament texturized C or E glass yarns and is extremely strong, resilient and flexible.
They are widely used as gasket for industrial ovens and furnaces, boilers and wood buring stoves.
Texturized fiberglass braided round rope are asbestos free, cause no harm to health, making them ideal replacement to asbestos ones.
For higher lodas, the round braided and square braided ropes can be reinforced by steel wires.
They also can be coated with graphite or vermiculite to increase thermal insulation and abrasive resistance.

1.Basic fibres are inorganic,sterile and incombustible.
2.Low thermal conductivity.
3.Resistant to oils,solvents and most chemicals,but direct contact with live steam should be avoided.
4.Resilient with good space filling properties.
Texturized fiberglass braided round rope
Diameter: 5mm-50mm
Roll length: 10m-200m
Weight: 25g/m-1950g/m
Temperature Resistance: 550℃