machine tool vise / modular / screw / compact



  • Applications:

    for machine tools

  • Configuration:

    modular, screw

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, machining


1. Max. opening capacity and compact in total lenght. Particularly suitable for machining centers.
2. Mechanical clamping force multiplier (knuckle-joint device) with the possibility of clamping force selection (1 ton; 2 tons; 3 tons; 4 tons).
3. Rigid material-Ductile iron GGG 60 with 60 kg/mm2 or 80.000 psi tensible strenght.
4. Vise bed flame hardened to HRC 45 in order to maintain accuracy for long.
5. Stationary jaw and Movable jaw are hardened HRC 52~55 with grinding.
6. Expanding chip cover on each vise for preventing chips falling into the lead-screw and inside of the vise.

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