automatic tray sealer / for the food industry / with modified atmosphere packaging / for trays
VGP 25 N



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    for the food industry, with modified atmosphere packaging, for trays, vacuum


The map thermosealer designed to perfectly vacuum pack in trays and package trays in a modified atmosphere. Vgp 25n is built entirely in stainless steel and is easy and quick to use. Equipped with a digital panel with 21 programs, it creates a vacuum up to 99.99% and inserts inert gas up to 100% without the use of a compressor.

Versatile, it can use up to 3 different standard moulds for gastronorm trays and custom moulds for other types of trays. The VGP 25n functions include: vacuum and additional gas, sealing and cutting of excess film. The machine complies with the strictest international hygiene and safety standards.

Vacuum packing, packing in a modified atmosphere, or just sealing.
No compressor so packaging is silent.
Suitable for businesses with a small amount of space and without compressed air.
Small frame can be placed even in small laboratories.