silicone mixer-dispenser / adhesive / PU foam / two-component
M Series



  • Applications:

    silicone, adhesive, PU foam

  • Other characteristics:

    two-component, epoxy


Mixing and dispensing machinery OSV of M series occupy a central position in the line of machinery OSV. The output of these units is usually in the range from 0, 5 liters / min to 5 liters / min. Range of materials they are capable to process is wide - polyurethane foam, polyurethane elastomers, silicone rubber, silicone foam, epoxy resins, one-and two-component adhesives.

Mixing and dispensing machines of M series are often equipped with auxiliary devices - XY tables, conveyors, feeder’s blanks.

Mixing and dispensing machinery OSV of M series have been successfully used for the production of machine parts and devices, furniture edges, the elements of car tuning, gluing wooden beams and ceramic stages and dozens of other applications.

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