ultrasonic test system
28 - 68dB, 0.5 - 25 MHz | OPBOX ver 2.0



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The OPBOX ver 2.0 is a Mini Ultrasonic Box with Integrated Pulser and Receiver from PBP Optel sp. z o.o.. It is a complete ultrasonic testing instrument which can provide any type of ultrasonic measurement. This instrument comes with numerous extra digital inputs and outputs as well as an internal processor so that it can work with more advanced devices.

The OPBOX 2.0 has an implemented one channel pulser/receiver and can be used in either PE or TT mode. It is compatible to work with 32 channel multiplexer wherein the OPBOX 2.0 can control it directly. For its specifications, the sampling frequency of this testing instrument is 100 MHz with a resolution of 10 bits. Furthermore, the PRF can reach 10000.

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