module multiplexer / for ultrasonic inspection systems
OPMUX v12.0



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    for ultrasonic inspection systems


The OPMUX v12.0 by PBP Optel is a Multiplexer designed for ultrasonic inspection system and many other kinds of measurements that require a number of channels. It can come with a card OPCARD 2.0 or OPBOX 2.0 which enables it to complete utrasonic testing. Plus, it is structurally designed to have a separate pulser and receiver for all channels. Plus, it can be used with other tool such as transducers having a resonant frequency of 0.5MHz - 25MHz. For this specific unit, it has a 4 up to 35 channel and it can either have USB or RS232 control interface. The unit is equipped with a memory that contains preset sequence of the remaining active channels. A software package is included for much reliable operation.