laboratory microscope / optical / nano-focus / piezoelectric
MIPOS series



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    nano-focus, piezoelectric


The Piezo focus nano positioning actuators belong to the MIPOS range and were designed for slim adjustment of micro objective lens and objective lens or to adjust the entire nose piece (MIPOS N100). The notable features if these actuators is their compact footprint and parallelogram design complete with superior resonant frequency. They provide parallel motion within the optical beam and are easily fitted on microscopes, and are compatible with a wide range of microscopes and other optical systems.

This cost efficient solution for slim adjustment on the microscope. It is extremely easy to connect the MIPOS system with a microscope, where you simply attached the Flex-Adapter thread with the microscope by way of screwing and place the MIPOS on this ring with a clamping screw. An exclusive model permits users to work in the upside down position, which is particularly used for positioning on inverted microscopes.