plate heat exchanger / air/water / for refrigeration

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plate heat exchanger / air/water / for refrigeration plate heat exchanger / air/water / for refrigeration - Softcool®


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    for refrigeration


Softcool® is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cooling systems. Without any refrigerant the supply air can be cooled up to 12 K. In addition to this the integrated plate heat
exchanger is used for heat recovery in winter.

Softcool®’s optimized moistening of the heat exchanger in the exhaust air cools the
supply air very effectively. 2 l of water results in 1 kW cooling power without
humidification of the supply air.

The adiabatic (indirect evaporative) cooling works by spraying a fine water film on the exhaust air
side onto the hydrophilic coated surface of the heat exchanger. When this evaporates in the
exhaust air the supply air is cooled (see psychometric chart).

The main advantages:

Significant energy-saving in summer and winter
Reduction of supply air temperature by 10 K or more without refrigerants
The electrical consumption is only a fraction of the consumption in conventional cooling
Low investment costs due to double function (cooling and heat recovery)
Low maintenance costs: the automatic cleaning function keeps the surface of the PHE
clean, which means the highest efficiency is always maintained
No humidity increase on supply air side
Minimal water consumption; because only the exact amount of water, which then evaporates,
is sprayed onto the surface. This means no basin, no elutriation, no circulating water, no
hygienic problems and therefore no intensive cleaning necessary