aluminum piping system / for compressed air
Prevost Piping System



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    for compressed air


Available exclusively from PREVOST. The Prevost Piping System is the new compressed air network range, made entirely from aluminium.

The PPS offers the guarantee of a leak-free network that is easy to assemble, made up of compact, lightweight and impact-resistant aluminium pipes and couplings.

The Prevost Piping System ensure that your network is built to last and provides a top-quality supply to your workstations.

PREVOST designs and manufactures its new PPS1 100% aluminium fittings to ensure that they are the most compact and effective on the market. The nut and body can be tightened using standard tools and/or with special Prevost wrenches. Torque can be checked using a torque wrench.The PPS1 fitting ensures that facilities are modularand scalable.

Numerous configurations : straight fittings, elbows, T-fittings, tapping flange, valves...

Diameters from 16 mm (½”) to 80 mm (3”).

Technical characteristics :

Technology : PPS Grip Concept
Operating pressure : 0 to 16 bar (0 to 232 psi)
Vacuum capability : -0.98 bar / -14.21 psi (vacuum 98%)
Temperature : -20°C to +80°C (-4°F to +176°F)
Construction : Pipe and Fittings: alu.
Highlight : Scalable system
Meets standards : DESP 2014/68/UE REACH (ASME B31.3 REACH)

New video contents are available to help you install your PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM compressed air network :