gas leak detector / overpressure / for plastic containers



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    for plastic containers


With their extensive experience in the process of leak testing plastic empty containers in PVC, PET, LDPE and HDPE, Product Systems has developed these leak testing machines which have capacities from 100ml to 25l. The units are compatible for incorporation into Automa, Seecor, B&W and Bekum, as well as for PET stretch blow molding machines where required. The blow molding machines can be automated by using take-out units and FlexiLine conveyoring as well.

The single head leak testing machines can either be supplied as stand-alone units or they can be fitted in-line with the blow molder. They have the advantage of being compatible with most blow molding machine outputs, and it is capable of testing 750 ml bottles at the rate of 1900 bottles per hour. The conveyor works on a stop/start basis while the head remains stationary. Following testing, faulty bottles are rejected automatically. The In-Line In-Motion Multi Head leak Testing Machine is also available for higher testing speed requirements.