heat treatment furnace / shuttle / electric resistance / high-temperature
ELV Series



  • Function:

    heat treatment

  • Configuration:


  • Heat source:

    electric resistance

  • Other characteristics:

    high-temperature, programmable, compact, vertical, laboratory, for metallurgy, large-size

  • Capacity:

    7.4 l, 7.5 l, 8 l (2 gal)

  • Maximum temperature:

    1,100 °C, 1,400 °C, 1,600 °C, 1,700 °C, 1,800 °C (2,012 °F)


ELV series are designed for bottom loading operations and for quick charging and discharging procedures in laboratories.

Available with brick and fiber insulation elements, with a wide variety of options, ELV series is used for glaze fritting, glass melting and applications requiring quick removal of products from the furnace.

Standard ELV series furnaces cover a range from 1100°C to 1800°C, all of which have dual skin housing for low external temperatures and high inner temperature stability uniformity.

Multi-layers of products could be fitted into the furnace, enabling the experimentation of several samples at a time.

Gas feed-in with this series is a standard and various applications of gas controlled atmospheres is made possible.

This series equip a galvanized coating covered epoxy painted structure, providing a longer life time and aesthetics.