fold-up door / PVC / for cold storage / industrial
Instant-Pass Iso



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    for cold storage, industrial


Angel Mir Instant Pass ISO doors have been refined based on continual demand for high speed doors for refrigerated chambers.
They are designed to resist cold temperatures.

The mobile curtain is made up of a series of panels, made up of a double fabric wall made from Trevira impregnated with PVC and a flexible polyurethane foam insulating laminate on the inside.
The panels are pre-formed so that they fold easily on the creases.
Polyamide locking joint on the ends of t he mobile curtain.
Waterproof insulating canvas on the upper front of the mobile curtain.
Roll-up PVC cover on the upper part of the platform for maintenance access to the shaft case. The composite side reinforcements, sheathed in canvas enable the door to wi thstand pressures from air currents caused by differences in temperature or
open doors. The material they are made of enables them to withstand strong impacts wi thout breaking or causing permanent deformations.