horizontal log splitter / vertical



  • Options:

    vertical, horizontal


General characteristics

Cutting diameter up to 420mm.

Quick and easy adjustment of the cutting length from 150mm up to 500mm.

Adaptable onto Tractor 3-point linkage or Three-phased electric engine.

Automatic adjustment of the splitting power according to the strain:
15 tons on low speed / 9.5 tons on fast speed.

Splitting wedge 0/2/4/6 or 0/2/4/8 splits hydraulic adjustment - Exclusivity RABAUD.

Unloading conveyor swivels on +/- 20°, hydraulic lifting of the conveyor.
Conveyor made up of metal bars and of several stripes so that the maintenance is easy and cost effective - Exclusivity RABAUD.

Automated wood scaling system XYLOMETER®: allowing to measure the exact volume of wood produced - Exclusivity RABAUD.

Side-shifted splitter with the V-shaped canal for a better wood alignment.

Manual or automatic positioning of the splitting cycle.

Wood loading equipment: loading platform 2.00m, 3.00m or 5.00m / Notched log transport roller / Lifting loading roller.

Safety devices: sensors, protective grille, safety helmet, glasses, emergency stop button...