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electrostatic generator / high-voltage / for surface treatment
AUTO 100 S / 150 S



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    for surface treatment


Electrostatic generator for automatic equipment. Control module including low voltage electronics and instrumentation. Cascade in heavy tight container to be placed near the high voltage units to be fed. Single or twin HV output. Voltage output up to 100 kV (140 kV).

The ELETTROSPRAY automatic equipment satisfies the needs of a wide number of industrial users to mass coat the most different parts, following the relevant safety standards. This equipment is made using basic standard components, some of which are illustrated above, or expressely designed machines to solve the most difficult problems. The range of parts to be automatically painted extends from zippers runners to naval containers; from metal to wooden and plastic parts. The coating materials range includes conventional solvent paints, two components paints, water soluble paints, powder coatings.
To cope with the always increasing quality, economy and ecology requirements, an always wider range of electronic and informatic devices are used, e. g. photoelectronic parts reading devices, PLCs, PCs and printers. Working conditions monitoring devices range from simple signal lamps, to colour monitors, according to the different users needs. The liquid or powder coating materials feeding units range from the small double membrane pump to the big paint mixing and circulating station, feeding different colour paints to the different user points and to the fast colour change devices. As far as safety, economy and ease of use are concerned these units are a necessary complement to any ELETTROSPRAY automatic equipment. Our test room is fully equipped to run practical tests on customer parts.